Salon Corinne


  • Womens Custom Haircut
    A haircut customized to you. Includes shampoo, scalp massage, deep conditioning, precision cut, dry cut detailing, blow dry, and heat styling.
  • Rapunzel Bonus Time
    If you have long and/or thick hair, please add this extra time when you book your appointment, there will be no additional charge. Appointments that require significantly more time than this will be charged a $20 “Double Rapunzel time”.
  • Full Vivid Color Add-on
    Add all over vivid colors to your highlight/balayage with limitless color options! I specialize in unique effects like rainbow prisms, shine lines, and oil slicks!
  • Pop of Color Vivid Add-on
    Add a pop of vivid colors to your highlight/balayage! Can include pastels, neons, or deep jewel tones. Options: “Money Piece”, peekaboos, and “dipped” tips.
  • Balayage
    Dramatic or Natural looking dimension. Techniques include open air painting, Foilayage, and baby lights. Gloss included plus a blow dry and style.
  • Platinum Highlight
    I will get you as blonde as possible in one session! Includes a 120 minute blonding session, Olaplex treatment, Gloss, blow dry, and style.
  • Full Foil Highlight
    Most Blondes need a full foil every 6-8 months. A full foil highlight includes a 90 minute blonding session, Olaplex treatment, Gloss, blow dry, and style.
  • Partial Foil Highlight
    A partial foil highlight includes a 60 minute blonding session, Olaplex treatment, Gloss, blow dry, and style.
  • Lowlights /Reverse Balayage
    Add dimension back into over-highlighted hair. Also a subtle way to blend away grays with less grow-out lines.
  • Color Correction
    Ready for a big change?! This service includes everything you need to achieve a new color. A color correction is usually necessary when your hair has been dyed dark and you want it lighter all over.
  • Color Retouch
    Permanent color on up to 1 inch regrowth. Includes blow dry.
  • Gloss
    Refresh your color with a gloss that will add shine and restore tone. You can add on a haircut and/or root retouch. (Gloss is always included in Highlight and Balayage)
  • Olaplex De-tox & Repair Add-on
    Well water and hard water can cause a mineral build up over time making your hair yellow and brittle. The new Olaplex Chelating treatment will detoxify your hair leaving it silky and soft and stronger! Repair treatment included. (add-on to a gloss, haircut, highlight, or balayage)
  • Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment
    Transform your hair with this Keratin Blowout for smooth, shiny, frizz free hair that lasts 3-5 months.
  • Kids  Haircut
    For girls under 12 years old
  • Consultation
    Not sure what to book? Schedule a consultation when we can make a plan and get your next appointments scheduled.